Agra Club

Uttar Pradesh, India

In the year 1863, Mr A R Pollock, Collector Agra, asked one Rai Joti Prasad to build a Club House. Mr Prasad bought a piece of land for Rs 35,000/- which was cultivating pomegranates at that time. The land measuring 122 ¼ yards, on the east and 122 1/4 yards was bounded on the west from north to south and on the west by Drummond Road (now known as Taj Road). This land owned by Mr Joti Prasad was bought from him on a mortgage deed by one Mr. Nicholas Lewin in 1889 and later on was bought from Mrs Rosalic Lewin (widow of Mr Nichoas Lewin) by the committee of the Club. Later the cantonment boundary was extended by another 105 yards further south of the Club land. The total acreaqe of land in the agra Club was 32 acres excluding the stables which were to the west of the Drummond Road (now Mahatma Gandhi Road). There were a total of 6 gateways to the Agra Club.


191, The Mall, M G Road, Rakabganj.


10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.