Terms & Conditions


CLUB SOCIAL® (hereinafter referred to as CLUB SOCIAL) membership will provide access to members to select social and family clubs in the country and worldwide on the following terms & conditions:


  1. CLUB SOCIAL® MEMBERSHIP: Membership allows free request for admission for the member (hereinafter referred to as member) to the member clubs which agreed to be part of the network. The membership is issued strictly by invite and for select individuals only. The list of member clubs may change at any time; the current list’s availability cannot be guaranteed, for example if the club is under renovation. If a club is hosting a private event, entrance may be denied. Admission to the club can be refused in particular, but not limited to, due to minimum age restrictions, improper dress or unacceptable conduct. CLUB SOCIAL cannot be held responsible if member clubs refuse entry. CLUB SOCIAL cannot be held responsible for disputes that may occur between the member and a third party.
  2. CLUB SOCIAL MEMBER MEMBERSHIP: The CLUB SOCIAL Membership is personal, non-transferable and may not be used by any person other than the registered member. The member must provide proof of identity on request.
  3. TRAVEL, HOTELS, FOOD & DRINK ETC.: CLUB SOCIAL is not responsible for any additional services except those set out in clause #1 above. Specifically, CLUB SOCIAL is not responsible for any costs for travel, accommodation, food and drink in connection with member events. If CLUB SOCIAL will be charged for any kind of costs caused by a member, in particular, but not limited to, for no shows, failure to meet the minimum consummation, CLUB SOCIAL shall be entitled to debit the respective amount to the /account.
  4. CONTRACT REVOCATION: CLUB SOCIAL reserves the right to withdraw the facility to any member at its own discretion.
  5. CONTRACT DURATION: The membership is valid up to and including the expiry date as per the membership category. Cancellation, if any, has to be received by registered letter or through email to support@theclubsocial.com. Both parties must confirm the cancellation in writing, either via e mail or postal service. CLUB SOCIAL reserves the right to review and change the membership terms at any time.
  6. PERSONAL DATA: The member must promptly communicate every change of name, address, mobile telephone number or email details to CLUB SOCIAL. The club member can choose to post his personal profile online. Through this membership, the member explicitly agrees that CLUB SOCIAL may share his/her personal data with selected partners for advertising, promotion and marketing purposes.
  7. EXCLUSION: CLUB SOCIAL reserves the right to deny member applications without giving reasons. Possible reasons for denial are in particular, but not limited to, unacceptable behavior in our member clubs or misuse of the personal, nontransferable Membership. If the membership is abused in any way, CLUB SOCIAL reserves the right to terminate the membership with immediate effect. In the event of abuse, the CLUB SOCIAL Membership may be revoked and will be returned to the member only after an acceptable explanation has been provided.

8.1 All Member club visit requests shall be made through its app booking request tool.

8.2 Member visit requests for participating clubs shall be made at least 2 – 14 days in advance and are based on space availability as determined by the host club.

8.3 Members of CLUB SOCIAL may not contact the host club directly to request for access. Doing so will result in the termination of membership privileges.

8.4 All Members will be charged the standardized fee of the host club, and any other normal customary charges paid by the members of the host club. Individual members shall be aware that the facilities and services of other Member Clubs may be different in each case.

8.5 Individual members using the provisions of Club Social purposes upon checking in at the host club.

8.6 Each host club, at its discretion, will determine whether guests may accompany CLUB SOCIAL members and the associated guest fees.

8.7 At some clubs, individual may not be able to use another Member Club, if they reside in the same city. Individuals must observe all guest policies when they visit other Member Clubs.

8.8 The staff of the host club shall have complete control of assigning facility usage based upon request of customer service centre.

  1. CONTRACT ADJUSTMENTS: CLUB SOCIAL reserves the right to alter these Terms and Conditions, in whole or partially at any time without prior notice. All such changes will be notified to the members by email.
  2. APPLICABLE LAW AND PLACE OF JURISDICTION: The contractual relationship between CLUB SOCIAL and the member shall in all respects be governed by the laws of courts of Bangalore, India, including all matters of construction and validity.


  1. In the event of misuse of the membership, we, Club Social® reserve the right to exclude the member(s) in question from the programme. Such misuse may include, but is not limited to, behavior which is troublesome or shows a lack of respect towards staff, partners or clubs, criminal actions or actions that are generally regarded to be immoral, unethical or contrary to these membership terms and conditions.
  2. We, Club Social® reserve the right without prior notification to individual members, to change the terms and conditions as deemed fit for the membership programme. Any such changes will be published on the web- app and will be in effect 14 days after these changes are announced, unless otherwise stipulated. Members are responsible for keeping themselves informed about any changes to the membership terms and conditions.


  1.  After a booking is made, it may take up to 3-7 working days (14 days for international Club Bookings) for us, Club Social® to confirm the same to you, so members are encouraged to make all bookings in advance. We will endeavor to do so at the earliest.


D. General Terms

Membership to Club Social is issued under the following Terms and Conditions and in conjunction with the participating club’s By-Laws and Rules and Regulations:

The Member understands that Club Social issues the card on the basis that the information provided by the Member is and will remain true and correct. The Member must notify Club Social promptly in writing of any changes of his/her residential or office address, telephone, fax, and email address.

Membership is available to persons over 18 years of age.

Membership provides the Member with non-resident membership privileges at all clubs that form the Club Social network, which are located more than 200 kilometres from the Member’s place of residence. In the case of Singapore: Singapore based Club Members receive access to all Clubs which must be outside Singapore’s borders.

The membership card remains the property of Club Social and is not transferable by the member. Furthermore, all membership fees paid to Club Social are non-refundable.

The Member is required to present his/her Club Social membership card at the Associate Clubs that he/she is visiting and to pay for all charges for the consumption of food and beverages, usage of facilities, purchase of goods at the pro-shops, and any other charges for which the Member is liable prior to departure from the club visited by cash or credit card.

In the case of Club Social membership card(s) being lost or stolen, the Member is liable for all charges incurred prior to their notification in writing to Club Social Office. The Member is to render Club Social the applicable administration fee for the replacement of each card.

Membership to Club Social does not confer upon the Member any ownership of or liability for the property and assets owned by Club Social.

Club Social cannot be held responsible for disputes that may occur between the member and an establishment or service, although every endeavour is made to ensure that information is correct.

Club Social cannot accept responsibility for printing errors, omissions, changes, or misrepresentations which may occur, particularly if a directory becomes out of date.

Benefits may not be applicable during certain periods and are subject to change without notice, so we recommend always obtaining confirmation of terms when making reservations.

The membership card is not a credit card, nor proof of creditworthiness

Other terms and conditions apply

Terms and conditions are subject to change at anytime